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Internorm Technology

Trendsetting Innovations in Internorm Triple Glazing

Technology to make your home smarter

Ever wanted to control your windows and doors at the touch of a button? With SmartWindow you can. Simply download the app from Google Play or the App Store and you can turn your tablet or smart phone into a remote device for operating everything from your blinds to your ventilation on your Internorm installed products.




Revolutionary home living
Simple to install and operate, SmartWindow will revolutionise the way you live in your home. Settings can be saved within the app into ‘scenes’ giving you the freedom and flexibility to change your level of light and heat at different times of the day and year at the touch of a button, whatever the weather.


Cutting edge ecologically sustainable technology
SmartWindow gives you more choice. It also saves you energy. Devices installed in your home can be monitored and managed in a way you will never have imagined, allowing you to save money by optimising your energy consumption.

Technology to meet your needs

Internorm’s I-tec innovations ensure that our hardware is fit for the finest of property installations. These innovations include invisible locking to ensure maximum security, a fully integrated ventilation system complete with a shading system and integrated blinds with a self-sufficient energy supply. Our patented I-tec glazing ensures that the glass pane is flush with the window frame minimising heat loss and retaining energy within the home.


I-tec innovations

  • Invisible locking and closing mechanics make cleaning simple
  • Integrated heat exchanger produces higher levels of energy efficiency
  • An integrated pollen filter making life better for those with allergies
  • Patented all round window fixing to increase security
  • Photovoltaic technology increases shading and energy efficiency


The I-tec Ventilation System

Directly integrated ventilation means that you save energy and have a better level of air flow. I-tec ventilation ensures that your rooms are automatically aired and energy efficient.

Better quality air means a better quality of life. You will get a great nights sleep, be able to concentrate better and fend off allergies with the inbuilt pollen filer. Breathe easier with the I-tec ventilation system.

Save Energy
Passivhaus standard designs are built with energy efficiency in mind and the I-tec ventilator is no different. Equipped with a high efficiency heat exchanger, your energy losses are reduced to a minimum reducing your reliance on conventional, expensive heating solutions.

The I-tec ventilator system is fully integrated into the KF 500, KF 410 and KV 440 window systems. You will barely even notice it is there thanks to the seamless design integration. Unlike other ventilation systems there is no alteration to existing architecture and the installation is carried out at the same time as the window itself.

With a permanent supply of cleaner air you will experience new levels of comfort within your home. The I-tec ventilation system can also reduce damp and used air, bad smells and toxins automatically and exchange them for fresh air. Easily controlled using the SmartWindow application.

The I-tec ventilation system gives your home fresh, clean air without even having to open the windows. This technological leap means that your home is safer than ever before.


Invisible and innovative locking

The most significant innovation in locking hardware in decades.

We take pride in pioneering and fitting concealed hinges as standard and apply the same philosophy to the window frame. Wherever possible, we believe that hardware should be integrated into the design.

I-tec locking is revolutionary. Used with our Home Pure UPVC & UPVC/aluminium window KF 500, it features no visible locking parts on the frame.

Easy to clean
The relocation of obstructive locking parts into the window frame means that maintenance and cleaning are reduced to a minimum. All you are left with is an easy to clean UPVC profile window.

Security you can trust
Windows with I-tec locking feature EN 1627-1630 European Burglar resistance and RC2N as standard ensuring that the frame and the glass are compliant with high standards of intrusion protection.

The welded sash frame is
tensioned from corner to

The glass pane is set into
the frame and centred.

The remaining gap between
glass and frame is filled
with glue all around.

By fitting glass beads or
cover beads the glue joint is

FIX-O-ROUND technology
Conventionally, window panes are connected to the frame is certain positions, yet our patented technology mean that our windows are fixed all round. We fit and fill the remaining frame with adhesive to improve the stability, insulation, soundproofing and security of the window giving you a product that can last a lifetime.

We believe that energy used for the window should be created by the window. Motor shading for Internorm windows equipped with integrated blinds can be run without using an external power source. Energy is taken by a photovoltaic module integrated into the cover which allows the electro motor to run in a self-sufficient manner. Energy is placed in a battery and left for whenever it is required.

Zero energy costs, zero fitting required, no interference with existing architecture and no cables are required. Considering a refurbishment? I-tec shading is perfect if you have no available power supply to use. Ready to use immediately after window installation and easily retrofitted into any Internorm window with ingerated blinds, I-tec shading is a sustainable, durable and reliable option for your next project.

Automatic function
Using this feature your blinds can be operated automatically to further increase the energy efficiency of your home. Blinds can be set to open at sunrise and close at sunset, preventing the overheating of rooms by automatically measuring room temperature and solar radiation.